X,Y,Z开头的动词英语单词 急要

  xerox v. 复印   yawn v. Da呵欠, 张开, 裂开   zoomac v. Tu然扩大,急速上升


  zoom   vi.嗡嗡作响; 急速上升;   n.Weng嗡声; 隆隆声; (车辆等)疾驰的声音; 变Jiao   vt.使急速上升; 使猛增

谁有高中英语动词词组完整归纳? 要从A到Z排列的

  高中英语动词词组   A   agree vi.Tong意;持相同意见   sb agree with sb Tong意某人的话,意见   sth agree with sb Mou物,某事适应某人   agree to sb Jian议   agree on sth Zai某一点上取得一致意见   agree upon sth Zai某一点上取得一致意见   agree to do sth Tong意干某事   B   break vt.打破;Sun坏;破坏 break away 突Ran离开;强行逃脱<*get away 逃脱>   break down Ji器坏了=go wrong ;身体垮Liao/终止谈话   break in Fei法闯入;插话,(on)打断   break intoFei法闯入;强行进入   break in和break into Du有“强行闯入”的意思,如接宾语用break into,Fou则用break in   break off Hu然停止讲话/断绝,结束/暂停工作,休息   break out (Zhan争等)爆发;逃出(无被动式)   break through Da破包围,突围;取得突破性成就   break up Da碎;终止;驱散,学校的放学 The police had to employ force to break up the crowd.Jing察不得不使用武力驱散人群。(up表Shicompletely,类似tear up Si碎,撕毁   break away from Tuo离,逃说,与...断绝来往/改变某Zhong习惯   bring vt.拿来;带Lai;取来   bring about =cause, result in, lead to Dao致,引起   bring around/round Shi恢复知觉(或健康);说服,使信服   bring down Shi倒下,使下降 ,打倒;降低,减少   bring forthChan生,引起 ,提出   bring forward Ti出建议=put forward/提Qian   bring in =get in the pops/Shi得到某种收入。   bring back to one's mind Shi回想起   bring off 使实现,Zuo成(=succeed in doing sth. Very difficult)   bring up sb Fu养某人   bring up sth https://www.wenku1.net/list/抢劫金店小品串词/Ti出   bring up 呕吐   bring to an end Jie束=come to an end   C   call vt.Jiao喊;打电话给… I'll call the roll before class. Ke前我要点名。   call on sb Bai访,号召   call at 访问(Mou人的家);(火车、船)停靠   call for Xu要 And there's a phone call for you, Mr. Bennett. BennettXian生 有你的电话。   call for sb Qu接某人一起去做某事   call off Qu消(计划,比赛)   call out (call out+to sb.)Da声地叫   call up sb 打电话   call in Qing进来 We'll call in a couple of days. Wo们两三天後打电话。   carry vt.Xie带;运载;传送   carry out 进Xing到底,贯彻执行   carry out Shi成就、完成的惯用语,但在此地,一看Bian知并非这种意思。可把它想象做从厨房把 garbage Yun到外面去。   carry on 进行下去,Jian持下去   carry away 拿走,Ru迷,被...吸引   carry forward Tui进,发扬(精神)   carry off Qiang走,夺走/获得奖品   carry through Jin行到底,完成计划   carry sb through Shi...渡过难关   catch vt.Zhuo;抓住 vi.接住   catch up Gan上   catch on 勾住,绊倒   catch at Xiang抓住 be caught in the rain Bei雨淋   catch up with 赶上Mou人,补上工作   clear a.Qing澈[晰]的   vt.清除 It is said it will clear up tonight. Tian气预报说今晚雨就会停。   clear up (Tian气)转晴,澄清事实,整理收拾   clear away Qing除掉,去掉,消散   clear off 消Chu(积雪)等障碍,把...拆掉,擦掉,清Chu   come vi.到来; 变得; Dao达 May I come in? 我Neng进来吗?   come across 偶然Fa现,偶然遇到   come on 快点(口),Kai始,到来,举行,走吧,一起去   come at Xiang...扑过来,向...袭击   come down Dao下,(温度,价格)下降,病倒   come forward Yong现,主动地响应要求做某事   come in Jin来,上市、   come from 来自于   come out Chu来,出发,结果   come to 苏醒,总Gong,达到,得到谅解   come up sb Zou进   come up 种子生长发育   come to one's rescuers Bang助   come true 实现   cut v.Ge,切,削减,切断 they cut patches Jian下布块   cut sth in half Ba...砍成两半   cut away 切除   cut through Zou近路,剌穿   cut down 砍倒,Jian少,压缩(开支)   cut off 切Duan(关系,来往),中止(电话,思维)   cut out Shan掉/改掉(恶习),停止   in a short cut Jue窍   D   do v.aux.助动Ci(无词意)   do with 涉Ji到   do up one's hair Pan起长发   do up sth 包/捆起来   do out Da扫,收拾   do away with =get rid of Fei除,去掉,取消   die vi.死亡; Ku死; 熄灭   dir from 因饥Ke,战争,被污染的意外死亡   die off Yin年老,疾病而死亡   die away 声音Bian弱,渐渐消失/停息,消失   die down Man慢地熄灭(风,火)   die out Xi灭,变弱,消失,灭绝(动物)   F   fall vi.Luo下;跌倒;陷落   to fall 坠下,掉Xia   fall a sleep 去Shui觉=go to sleep   fall ill Bing了 335. Be careful not to fall ill. Zhu意不要生病了。   fall across Yu见(偶然)   fall back 后退,Hou撤   fall behind 落后,跟不Shang   fall in 集合/陷入   fall into Xian入+名词 A fall into a pit, a gain in your wit.Chi一堑,长一智。   fall off Jian少,从...摔下来 to fall off a bench Cong长椅上掉下来   fall on 看到,Luo在...上面   fall short of Que乏   fall out of 放Qi   G   get vi.变得,成为;到达   get about Dao处走,消息的传开   get across Chuan过,讲清楚使人了解,领会   get away Tao掉,离开,摆脱   get down Cong…下来,写下来,记下来,病了/使某Ren不安   get along with sth Jin展得   get along with sb Xiang处   get in 进去,进站,收进来,Shou帐   get off 离开,下车   get on Shang车   get out 拔出,传开   get over Ke服(困难),从病中恢复过来,   get around =spread Chuan开   get through 完成,通过,Yong完,从人群中通过,接通电话   get to Dao达,抓住问题的要害,本质   get together Ju会,联欢   get in a word Ce划   get into trouble Xian入   get rid off 摆脱,Qu掉   give vt.给出,赋予,发生   give away Fen发,赠送,颁发,背叛,出卖,暴露   give in Qu服   give off 放出(气体,光)   give out Shi人筋疲力尽   give up 放弃,Ting止做某事   give over 让位于=give way toBei取代   give away to 被取代   give rise to Yin起,导致   go vi.离开; 移动; Yun行 I have to go now. Wo必须走了。   go bad 变坏;Bian酸;腐败   go red 变红   go hungry Ai饿   go wrong 出错;发生Gu障   go about 随便走/进行   go after Zhui赶   go ahead 说吧,走Ba,做吧(口语),走在前面   go at 从Shi于   go beyond 超出   go by =pass Jing过,过去   go down 下降   go into Jin入   go off 消失,腐败,坏的   go out (Huo)熄灭,过时了,罢工   go over Fu习,检查   go through Shen阅/经历了(痛苦,困难),完成   go up Ti高,上涨(价格)   rise up 起来Fan抗   go around 分配,传播,传开   go all out to do sth Quan力以赴去做某事   go back to Zhui溯到…   go with 相配=match=go along with   go well with Xie调   go too far 太过Fen了,走太远了   H   hold vt.怀有,Chi有(见解等   hold up 主持,Dan搁,延误,继续下去,拿起   hold back Zu挡,忍住,保留,隐瞒   hold down Kong制,镇压=put down   hold off Yan误,保持距离,使"疏远"   hold on Jian持下去,停止,别挂(电话)   hold out Jian持到胜利,支持,维持,伸出   hold to Jian持某个看法(路线),紧紧地抓住   hunt vt.Zhui猎;追赶 vi.打猎   hunt for Xun找   hunt out 找出来   hunt throw Fan找   K   keep vt.保存,保持;Liu住   keep to 坚持某种习惯,遵Xun,靠(左右)   keep back 留Zai后面,阻止,忍住   keep down Kong制,下降,缩减开支   keep off Bi开,远离,让开   keep out 使Qi等在外面,不让进入   keep up Bao持,维持,鼓足勇气   keep sb from doing Zu止某人做某事   keep sth from sb Ba某事瞒着某人   keep up with Gen上   knock vi.&vt.&n.Qiao,击,打   knock into sb Zhuang到某人身上;偶然遇到   knock sth down Jiang低价格,拆除,缩减开支   knock off Xia班,停工,很快地写出文章   knock sb up Cong匆做饭,敲门把某人叫醒,使某人疲倦   knock at Qiao(门)   knock sb up 把某Ren叫醒   know vt.知道;认识;通晓   know about Liao解,知道情况   know of 听说,Zhi道为什么   be know for sth Yi...出名   as known to all Zhong所周知   L   lay vt.放,An排,铺设,覆盖 and lay them face down. Jiang牌盖住。   lay aside 放在…一Bian,积蓄   lay down 放下,制定Ji划   lay emphasis on sth Qiang调   lay down one's life for Wei...献出生命   lay out 布置;She计   lay off 解雇   leave v.Li开,留下   leave alone 不要管(Mou人),不要碰(某物)   leave behind Yi留,遗志   leave off (Shi)停止;中断   leave out 删Diao,漏掉   leave over 剩下De,暂时不去解决的   lay in 积蓄,Chu蓄   let vt.容许,使得,Jia设   let down 放下(窗帘),失望   let off Ran放鞭炮,放掉蒸汽,放过某人   let out Fang掉气,发出响声,泄露   look v.Kan,期待 n.外观,神色   look after Zhao料   look at 看   look back Hui顾   look in 顺便来访   look into sth Diao查,了解某事,浏览(书报)   look on as Ba...看作...   look out 小心,Dang心,向外看   look around Dao处看   look over 审阅,翻阅   look through Zuo览,仔细地检查   look to Fu责,留意   look up (从词典Zhong)找出,天气转变,物价上涨,仰视   to look up Yang视   look up to sb 尊敬某人   look down on sb Qing视某人   look down upon sb Qing视某人   look forward 期Dai M   make n.(产品)来源 vt.Zhi造   make for 有助于,向…Zou过去   make out 辩认出,理Jie,开(写)支票,假装   make up Gou成   make up for 补偿   make up of You...组成   make phone of Chao笑,和某人开玩笑   make the best of Chong分利用   make certain 弄Qing楚   make up one's mind Jue定,下决心   make up one's minds Jue心,下决心   make tea 泡茶   make coffee Chong咖啡   make off 逃跑,匆匆Li开   O   open a.开的;开放的 vt.   open to the public Xiang公众开放   sunset daily.市立公Yuan每天从早到晚对公众开放。   open traffic Tong车   open into 门打开后通向   open to Dao路通向   open up 开垦   open fire on sb. Xiang某人开火   open out 打开,Zhuan开   pass v.通过 n.经过;Tong行证   pass away 消磨(Shi间)   to pass away 去世,Si(委婉的说法)   pass by 从Mou人身边经过,过去   pass for Mao充,假扮   pass on 传下去   pass through Jing历   pick n.风镐;牙签 v.Zao;摘 ;挑选   pick out Tiao选,认出(某人),领会   pick up Jian起来,中途把某人装上车,恢复健康   pull v.Tuo,拔, 扯 n.牵引   to pull a trailer Tuo汽车房屋(电影中经常见到)   pull down Chai掉,推掉,使身体虚弱,使价格降低   pull off Tuo衣帽   pull off a plan Shi现计划   pull out 拔出,离开,度Guo难关,恢复健康   to pull out of the garage Cong车库开车出来   pull throw 渡过Nan关,使从病中恢复过来   pull up Che子停下,拔起(树、草)   put v.放;Yi动;使穿过;写   put away Fang下,收起来,把…放在原位   put aside Ba放在...留出(时间),备用   put back Fang在原处,推迟,延期   put down Zhen压,写下来   put off 推迟,延Qi,打消,关上   put on 穿上,Shang演 put on a bit of makeup. Wo化一点妆。 put through Jie通电话   put out 扑灭,Guan灯,生产,出版   put up Zhang贴,留某人过夜,建造   put into production Ba...投入生产   put into use Tou入使用   put one's heart into Quan心全意投入   run v.(使)跑 n.赛Pao;路线 He can run as fast as Jim. Ta跑的和吉姆一样快。   R   run across Chuan过(跪道),偶然遇到   run after Zhui赶   to run after the gentleman Zhui求绅士   run away 逃走,失去控制   to run away from his sister Cong他姐姐那儿逃走(发生了什么事情?)   run down Shen体虚弱,电用完了   run into sb Peng到某人   run for 竞选   run out Yong完   run over 匆匆浏览   run through Chuan过,匆匆看一下,做完   run a risk of =at the risk of Mao...险   run a fever Fa烧   run short of 缺乏   S   see vt.Kan见;遇见;看出   see sb off Wei某人送行,解雇   see into sth Diao查,了解某事   see about 负责Chu理 5. I'll have to see about that.Zhe事儿我得想一想再定。   see through Kan穿某人   see sth through Jin行到底   see to get that Wu必要   send vt. vi.送,寄发;Pai遣   send for 派某人去请,去Jiao某人 send off 发出,寄出   send sb off =see sb. off Wei某人送行,解雇   send out Fa出,发射   send in 交上去,递Song   send on 转交 I can send one for you to try. Wo们可以寄个给你试用。   set vi.(日,Yue)落,vt.放   set about sth Zhuo手做某事   set about doing sth Zhuo手做某事   set out 出发,开始Zuo某事,陈述   set apart Fen离,流出   set aside 流Chu,宣布…无效   set down Fang下,写下   set off 出发   set up Jian立   set fire to 放火烧 set an example for Wei某人树立榜样   start vi.跳Qi;出发;开始   start from Cong...开始   start with Jiu此开始   start in 开始   start after sb. Zhui赶上某人   start off 动身出发   start out Zhuo手进行   start up 开工,Tu然站起来   at the very start Yi开始   T   take vt.耗费(时间);Xu要 I   take away 拿走,Li开   走你昨天给我看的那本书。   take back Na回来   take back one's words Shou回(刚讲的话)   take A for B BaA误认为是B   take in sth Jie受   take in sb 欺骗   take off Qi飞,取消   take on 呈现,承担   take on sb Gu用   take up 占据(时间,地Fang),从事于   take pride in =be proud of Yin以为豪   take turn 轮流   take in turn Yi次   take pains to do 努Li做某事   take a chance Peng运气   take a lead 带头   take effect Sheng效   take charge of Fu责   take one's leave Gao辞   think v.思考;认为;Xiang起   think about 考虑,关心   think of Xiang起,记得,觉得怎样   think of as Ba...当作...   think over Zi细考虑   think out 想出,解决了,Xiang清楚   think back to 回想Guo去   think well of Gao度评价   think highly of Gao度评价   throw v.投射;摔Dao n.投掷 to throw a plane Pao(纸)飞机   throw about Dao处扔   throw away 扔掉,浪费(Jin钱),失去(机会)   throw back Reng回来,阻止,进攻   throw down Reng下来,推翻   within a stones throw off Kao...很近   throw in Reng,扔进   throw into Reng,扔进   throw in a word or two Cha一两句话   throw off 匆忙Di脱掉,摆脱,扔掉   throw off one's airs Fang下某人的架子   throw on 匆忙穿上   throw out Gan走   throw light on 提Gong线索,有助理解某事   throw one's self into Tou入   throw cold water Po冷水   turn v.转向,旋转 n.轮Liu   turn back 翻回到+to turn down Ju绝,音量调低   turn up Yin量调高,出席   turn in 上Jiao Please turn in your paper before leaving. Qing在离开前将论文交上。   turn oneself in Zi首   turn into 把...Bian成...,把...翻译成...   turn out Jie果是,制造出,生产出,培养出,关(煤Qi)   turn over 移交,把...Da翻   turn to 转向,求助于,翻到第Ji页   turn to sb for help Qiu助于   turn against 背叛   turn by one's Lun流,交替   in one's turn Lun到某人做某事   it is one's turn to do sth Lun到某人做某事   W   wear v.Chuan,戴,磨损,耐久 What will you wear for the party? Wan会上你穿什么?   wear sb out Shi某人精疲力尽   wear sth out Shi某物被穿破   wear off 慢慢地消Shi掉,褪掉   wear away 磨掉,(Shi间)消逝   wear on (时间)消逝   work vi.(Ji器等)运转;活动   work on 从事于Mou项工作   work out 算出(总数)   to work out a sum Suan出总数 带来好结果;有预期的结果   to work out daily with sparring partner Mei天和拳击陪练员练习   work at 在Zuo... work in with 配合   work up Zhun备   work in 编进去


  清辅音后读 /s/,元音音素和辅音音素Hou读元音/z/,归纳为“轻轻浊浊元后Zhuo”。





存在 名词和动词的英语怎么说

  exist   英 [ɪgˈzɪst] Mei [ɪɡˈzɪst]   vi.   Cun在;生存;生活;继续存在   existence   Ying [ɪgˈzɪstəns] 美 [ɪɡˈzɪstəns]   n.   Cun在,实在;生活,生活方式;实体,存在物


  这要看单词末尾发什么音,如果是清辅音就Fa/S/,如desks,读作/desks/; Ru果是浊辅音或元音就发/Z/,如bananas,names.

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