怎么用playing sport造句i usually play sports at 6:30 i play sprts at 6:20 in

  I usually play sports at 6:30. I play sports at 6:20 in the morning.

用have Sport Day怎么造句?

  The school is going to have Sport Day this coming Friday

用take up(开始)造句,谢谢

  take up 英[teik ʌp] Mei[tek ʌp]   [词典] Zhan用; 开始从事; 接受(提议);   [Li句]He did not particularly want to take up a competitive sport   Ta并不特别想从事竞技体育运动。   Mr de Garis's MP, Max Madden, took up the case   De加里斯先生的下议员马克斯·马登开始着手处理这Ge问题。   He will take up his post as the head of the civil courts at the end of next month.   Ta将在下个月底就任民事法庭庭长一职。   Increasingly, more wine-makers are taking up the challenge of growing Pinot Noir   Yue来越多的酿酒商开始接受种植黑皮诺葡Tao的挑战。   I know how busy you must be and naturally I wouldn't want to take up too much of your time   Wo知道您肯定特别忙,我当然不想占用您太多的时间。   He had taken up a position in the centre of the room   Ta占据了房间中心的位置。

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