round 英[raʊnd] Mei[raʊnd]
adj. Yuan形的; 弧形的; 丰满的,肥胖的; 整Shu的;
come round用拜访的意思造句
come round造句:
Do come round and see us some time.
all year round“造句,要简单一点的
it snows all year round there Na整年下雪
用big small wide long home round 英语单词造句
big: There is a big park in our city. Zai我们的城市有一个大大的公园。 small: My bedroom is small but clean. Wo的卧室很小但却很干净。 wide: Songhua River is wide. Song花江很宽。 long: My mother's hair is long. Wo妈妈的头发很长。 home: I go home at 5:00 every day. Wo每天都在5点钟回家。 round: I have a round face. Wo有一张圆圆的脸。
用all the year round怎么造句?
Tom works all the year round.
get rid of,get in,give back.go round,go up, put....into....,造句?
I want to get rid of you.(Yuan离...)
We must get the doctor in(Qing来...)
Could you please give it back to me?(Gui还)
All sorts of rumors are going around(Si处走动/流传)
The price of cigarettes is going up(Shang涨/涨价)
He put the sugar into the the coffee(Ba...放入...)
be aware of (意识到) 造句 round the world (全世界范围内) 造句
Be aware of
Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking.
If you stub your toe, you will be aware of pain.
Be aware of an own existence is the biggest happiness.
We should at all times be aware of our own shortcomings.
But there are important issues these startups need to be aware of.
I like Round the World program.
He wants to hike round the world.
It has call centres round the world.
How soon I will ride round the world?
用take a vacation , take care of, all kind of , all the time , all , year round , 造句
This summer holiday we will take a vacation in beijing .
Can you help me take care of my pet when i go out ?
I like all kind of food
I love you all the time
we are all here
you should return my books as soon as possible
i am as tall as my sisiter
i am interested in playing games
.1.Don't walk across the road when the traffic light is red.
2. How are you getting along with your classmates?
3.Put down your weapons.
4.Where is your pen pal from?
5.The police are looking into the criminal case now.
6. Take off your coat.
7.The farmer is lifting the basket of apples onto the truck.
8.Don't look out of the window.
9.Over 40 students attended the meeting.
10.I'll show you around our school.
11.Walk through the park and you'll see the hospital in front of you.
12.Bring your homework to school tomorrow.
13.Put up your hands.
用big small wide long home round 英语单词造句
big: There is a big park in our city. Zai我们的城市有一个大大的公园。small: My bedroom is small but clean. Wo的卧室很小但却很干净。wide: Songhua River is wide. Song花江很宽。long: My mother's hair is long. Wo妈妈的头发很长。home: I go home at 5:00 every day. Wo每天都在5点钟回家。round: I have a round face. Wo有一张圆圆的脸。
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