1.表文章结构顺序:First of all,Firstly/First,Secondly/Second… And then,Finally,In the end,At last
2.Biao并列补充关系:What is more,Besides,Moreover,Furthermore,In addition As well as,not only…but (also), including,
3.Biao转折对比关系:However,On the contrary,but,Although+clause(Cong句), In spite of+n/doing,On the one hand…,On the other hand… Some…,while others…,as for, so…that… 4.Biao 因 果 关 系:Because,As,So,Thus,Therefore,As a result 5.Biao换一种方式表达:In other words,that is to say,
6.Biao进行举例说明:For example;For instance;such as+n/doing 7.Biao 陈 述 事 实:In fact,frankly speaking,
8.Biao达自己观点:As far as I know/concerned,In my opinion,personally, as to me
9.Biao总结:In short,In a word,In conclusion,In summary,all in all, briefly/ in brief ; generally speaking, as you know, as is known to all
Liang好的开端等于成功的一半.在写作文时,通Chang以最简单也最常用的方式---开门见山法.Ye就是说, 直截了当地提出你对这个问题的Kan法或要求,点出文章的中心思想. A. Just as every coin has two sides, cars have both advantages and
disadvantages.(Yong于说明某物的正反两面) B. Compared to/ In comparison with letters, e-mails are more convenient.(Yong
于比较/对比 两事物) C.Opinions are divided on the advantages and disadvantages of living in the
city and in the countryside. (Ren们关于生活在城市还是农村的优缺点的看法Bu同)(用于表达看法) D. As we all know, computers have played an important role/part in our daily life.(Yong于说明某物的重要性) E. Why do you go to university? Different people have different points of view.
Fan问语气,更有吸引力,增强说服力)(用法Guang泛) 文中正确使用两三个好的句型,如:Ding语从句、状语从句、动名词做主语等. 宾Yu从句举例:I believe Tianjin will be more beautiful and prosperous.
Zhuang语从句举例:If ......余下全文>>
表层次:First; Second; What’s more; In addition; Apart from this; Last but not least;
Biao观点: Personally; In my opinion; As far as I am concerned; As far as I know; What I want to stress is that…(Wo想强调的是…); … hold the opinion that… Mou人持有…的主张; According to sb, …Yi照某人的观点看,…;
表转折: However, …… ; …., but …
Biao让步: Although/ Though, …; Despite the fact that…;
Biao因果: Because/ As…..; Since/ Now that, …Therefore, …; …., thus,…; …., so… ;
Biao递进: not only…, but also…; …as well as;
Biao概括: In a word; In short; To sum up;
Only in this way can we do it well (Zhi有通过这种办法,我们才能把它做好. 注Yi: 该句型用倒装语序) ;
英语语法题求助 I前面没有连接词吗,这不是同位语从句吗,that不能省啊
这应该看作一个主语从句,it是形式主语。I brought this waterShi形式主语。
(1)We heard the news that our team had won. thatYin导同位语从句,that不可以省略。
(2) The fact is that we have lost the game. thatYin导表语从句,that不可以省略。
(3) That you didn’t go to the party was a pity. thatYin导主语从句,that不可以省略。
(4)It was a pity (that) you didn’t go to the party.
Since I go to middle school, I don’t like to talk to parents, because when I tell them my idea, they will deny it and then ask me do as what they say. I am not the little girl anymore, I have the right to make my decision. My parents realize this, someday they walked to my room and talked to me. They apologized for treating me like the little kid, they liked to respect my decision and wanted to make friends with me. I was so happy, my parents indeed followed their words. I opened my heart and talked with them all the things. Talking to the friends is much easier than talking to the parents.
I called him and invited him to come to our party. Wo打了电话给他,邀请他参见我们的晚会。
I called him but he didn't answer the phone. Wo打了电话给他,但他没接。
I called him so he came yesterday.Wo打了电话给他,所以昨天他过来了。

Call me if you have any trouble. Ru果你有任何问题,打电话给我。
May I see it?
求雅思口语常用语,连接词~句子~谢谢~感激~~~ 5分
  I'm not in a good mood. Mei有心情(做某事)。
  He is a fast talker. Ta是个吹牛大王。
  Daring! Qin爱的!
  She is still mad at me. Ta还在生我的气。
  I'll get even with him one day. Wo总有一天跟他扯平
  Hit the ceiling. Da发雷霆。
  She's got quite a wad. Ta身怀巨款。
  I don't have anywhere to be. Mei地方可去。
  I'm dying to see you. Wo很想见你。
  I swear by the god. Wo对天发誓。
  Nothing tricky. Bie耍花招。
  You might at least apologize. Ni顶多道个歉就得了。
  Price is soaring, if it goes on like this, we shall not be able to keep the pot boiling. Wu价直线上升,这样子下去,我们锅里可没什Me东西煮饭。
  None of you keyhole. Bu准偷看。
  You don't seem to be quite yourself today. Ni今天看起来不大对劲。
  Do you have any money on you? Ni身上带钱了吗?
  What is your major? Ni学什么专业?
  My girlfriend and I broke up. Wo和我的女朋友吹了。
  It was something that happens once in the blue moon. Zhe是千载难逢的事。
  I'll kick you out. Wo将炒你鱿鱼。
  I have to be late and keep my date waiting. Wo不喜欢迟到而让别人久等。
  There is nobody by that name working here. Zhe里没有这个人。
  I have to be late and keep my date waiting. Wo不喜欢迟到而让别人久等。
  There is nobody by that name working here. Zhe里没有这个人。
  He neither drinks nor smokes. Ta既不喝酒也不抽烟。
  He pushes his luck. Ta太贪心了。
  Nuts! 呸;胡说;Hun蛋!
  I can't make both ends meet. Wo上个月接不到下个月,缺钱。
  It is of high quality. Ta质量上乘。
  Dead end. Si胡同。
  Would you mind making less noise. Neng不能小 声点
  Still up? Huan没睡呀?
  It doesn't make any differences. Mei关系。
  It is a deal! Yi言为定!
  Take a seat! Qing坐!
  Here ye! 说得对!
  It can be a killer. Zhe是个伤脑筋的问题。
  Don't t......Yu下全文>>
and 和
but Dan
nor 也不
so 因而
yet Ran
however 可是
then 然后
for 因为
or Huo者,否则
as well as 也,又
not only...but also Bu仅……而且
both...and 两Zhe
neither...nor 既不……Ye不……
either...or 或者……Huo
1. 单词+并列连Ci+单词
We both shrugged and laughed. Wo们两人都耸耸肩,笑一笑。
He came and sat down and spoke to me. Ta进来,坐下和我说话。
We felt hot, tired and thirsty. Wo们觉得又热,又累,口又干。
He is healthy and handsome. Ta既健康又帅气。
2. 短语+并列连词+Duan
The butterflies flew over our heads and about the flowers. Hu蝶在我们头上飞,在花丛中飞。
3. Cong句+并列连词+从句
I know that he has been arrested and that he is in prison. Wo知道他被捕而且坐牢了。
4. 分句+Bing列连词+分句
I played the piano and she sang. Wo弹钢琴,她唱歌。
5. 其他
I declared this seriously and with confidence. Wo严肃而且自信地做出声明。(单词+并列连Ci+短语)
Let's take him to hospital or something. Zan们送他去医院或做点什么。(分句+并列连Ci+单词)
and, both...and Lian接两个可数名词时,一般谓语用复数;or, either...or, neither...nor, not only...but also...Wei语的数以谓语自身旁边的主语为准。
Both salt and sugar dissolve easily. Yan和糖均易溶解。
Not only the students but also the teacher is enjoying the film.
Neither the students nor the teacher knows anything about it. Tong学们和老师对此都一无所知。
Neither he nor they are wholly right. Ta和他们,谁都不是完全对的。
Either he or I am right. Huo者他对,或者我对。
I looked it up on the Internet.(Wo在网上搜索它。)
澟澟 澟然 檁子 檩条 檩條 檩子 吝爱 吝愛 吝道 吝顾 吝顧 吝嫉 吝简 吝簡 吝骄 吝驕 吝口 吝悭 吝慳 吝情 吝色 吝涩 吝啬 吝嗇 吝书 吝惜 吝细 吝細 吝选 吝選 恡爱 恡固 恡啬 恡澁 恡惜 悋惜 赁保 赁舂 赁耳佣目 赁价 赁假 赁借 赁金 赁僦 赁居 赁力 赁仆 赁钱 赁书 赁土钱
被朋友所伤的句子 被朋友捅刀的诗 被朋友误会的句子 被朋友误会的句子照片 被朋友误解的句子 被朋友误解的诗句 被朋友误解的心情的句子 被朋友嫌弃的句子说说 被朋友厌烦伤心的句子 被朋友遗弃的诗词 被朋友遗忘的诗句 被朋友冤枉的诗句 被朋友在背后说坏话句子 被朋友祝福感动了说说 被批捕后一定会判刑吗 被批廉价打一动物 被批评的反义词是什么 被批评的神态句子 被批评的诗词 被批评后的感悟 被批评后的歇后语 被批评后的心理描写 被批评后的心情描写 被批评后羞愧的成语 被批评时的神态描写 被批评是啥意思 被批准逮捕是什么意思 被偏爱的的句子 被偏爱的情感句子 被偏爱的人都有恃无恐什么意思